Heat Exchanger Safety Check

This is very important part of a furnace maintenance that is recommended to be done once a year. Your heat exchanger is the chamber where your fire burns and overtime, or rather anytime they can crack and leak carbon monoxide into your home and there is a safety check is done to verify if your unit is safe to operate or not.

Duct Work Install/Repair/Replace

Older outdated or incorrectly sized ductwork will be less efficient, may not be sealed correctly at joints, connections, can be sagging or not strapped correctly, kinks or holes that cause HVAC system to work harder. Last, but not least can be harmful if moved due to the asbestos vents that were used from the 1950’s to early 1980’s (this is a case by case basis),

All these make your unit work long and harder hours which in turn takes more of a toll on all of your parts and also increase energy usage bills.

If this concerns you please give contact us to go over some solutions or if you want peace of mind about something else as well.

Frausty Service Package

This is a bi-annual maintenance program, where I service your unit depending on which one you have. Furnace, Central A/C & Heat, Mini-Splits and/or Heat Pumps, Indoor Air Quality products, and more…

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ (2)

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ

IAQ is a essential part of your HVAC system, according to the studies done by the EPA 87% of people spend most of their day inside there home or building and pollutants are typically 2-5 times higher than outdoor air. So having a filtration system with a high quality air filter along with UV-C blue lights that are effective against airborne viruses, mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, spores and in turn help out with allergies and asthma that people suffer from.

Mini-Split Installation

This is DUCTLESS option that are the high efficient heat pump mini-split system that provide heating or cooling to your home, office, business etc, using your refrigeration lines to produce heating or cooling with no use of natural gas. Just electricity and refrigeration and very nice option if your interested.

Mini-Split Installation (2)
Central Air Conditioning & Heating (3)

Central Air Conditioning & Heating

The systems that is usually seen in homes in the United States that provide heating or cooling using gas and refrigeration along with ductwork. A very reliable way or providing quality air to your home.

Heat Pump Installation

This works like a mini-split, providing heating or cooling using refrigeration, although the these system look and are installed just like central heating and air without the natural gas or propane of course.

Heat Pump Installation View Details (3)
Filter replacement_ Filter Check (2)

Filter replacement/ Filter Check

This is a very simple task of checking the status of your filter, very important to change when it gets dirty, these kill motors on the daily. Filters can be found in a variety one areas such as attics, hallways, basements, inside unit as well.

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Jeffrey D.
Jeffrey D.
We jst came back frm our vacation and when we turned on our AC it was not cooling down. We needed some one to fix it asap, my friend recommended Nick to us and when we called him he was able to squeeze us in his schedule the next day. Nick is very punctual and very nice. He is very good in what he does, he is very throw in checking and assessing the problem of our AC unit. He told us what the problem is and was able to fix it right there and then. He needed to put in extra freon and changed the capacitor, he didn't leave until everything is up and running. We are very please and happy with his performance and highly recommend him to our friends and family. We are also thinking of installing in an AC inverter in our rooms upstairs in the near future and he said he does installation for that too so we are definitely calling him back for that.
Angelo B.
Angelo B.
We recently had an issue with our a/c not cooling consistently. It'll work for a few days then stop. The condenser unit outside would shut off while the a/c fan inside keeps circulating room temperature air. So we called an A/C company to take a look to see what the issue was. First guy we called came and did his thing. He replaced the capacitor on the outside unit, which by the way still works, and added refrigerant. He said that should fix the problem. We requested him to take a look at the attic unit to rule out any issues. Didn't really do much, mostly did a visual inspection. Mentioned to us that everything is in order. We settled the bill that day and a few days later....the same problem still persisted. Basically shelled out money for nothing. We then tried to look for a more competent A/C repair company. While talking with my girlfriend,her son mentioned that his classmate's brother Nick owns one. We decided to call him and and gave him a chance. Glad we did because he resolved the problem. He was able to narrow down the issue in a short amount of time. Turns out that the ac drain line was just clogged which triggered the shutoff float switch. He also fixed the A/C units level so that the water from condensation flows properly. Nicolas was very professional, knowledgeable, organized, works clean, and very personable. He doesn't up sell other services that's not needed. We will definitely call him again and recommend his services to our family and friends.

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